Lymphedema Therapy

Manage and overcome your Lymphedema with JD The OT Mobile Therapy Services

Every day can present a challenge when you have lymphedema. The pain and discomfort are debilitating, and the swelling can make performing daily tasks nearly impossible. As much as you do, our JD The OT team wants you to get back to your normal life, which is why we work hard to ensure it happens. We work closely with each patient at their pace and treat all our patients with the same level of care and respect we do our own family.

Living with Lymphedema

What is Lymphedema?

The lymphatic system is part of your immune and circulatory systems. Lymphedema occurs because of a blockage in the system, resulting in fluid buildup that causes swelling, commonly in the arms and legs. It may also occur in the head, neck, breast, chest, and genitals.

Most often caused by a traumatic event, Lymphedema can happen after surgery, cancer treatment, sports injuries, and deep cuts and bruises. It is rarely a symptom of infection or a birth defect.

Lymphedema can cause long-term physical, psychological, and social problems for patients.

Early-stage lymphedema is commonly treated with nonsurgical interventions such as medication, a healthy diet, exercise, wrapping and massage, manual compression, and compression bandages.

How JD The OT Mobile Therapy Services benefits patients with Lymphedema

Our mission: use our experience and knowledge to help you decrease pain and increase your mobility. JD The OT Mobile Therapy Services’ certified lymphedema and wound care therapists manage your condition with a complete fluid reduction therapy including manual lymphatic drainage, multi-layered lymphedema bandaging, and custom garment fitting.

With our lymphedema program, you can manage your swelling and pain and perform daily tasks more comfortably

Our Complete Decongestive Therapy

JD The OT Mobile Therapy Services’ lymphedema therapy routine is a cohesive, 5 stage process that guarantees circulatory improvement and recovery. Our 5 steps are:


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) – We manually stimulate the fluid trapped in your lymphatic system effectively draining it from problem areas. This technique is gentle and relieving.


Compression – Our certified lymphedema therapists use low-stretch compression bandages to encourage an increase in your lymph flow by gradually increasing the resting and working pressures with the compression bandages, thereby decreasing the lymphedema in your affected limb or region. Additionally, this technique aids the efficiency of the muscle pump (increasing your blood flow), which also decreases lymphedema and prevents fluid from returning. 


Skin Care – We apply special moisturizers to reduce your risk of infection and help prevent your skin from drying out or cracking.


Exercise – Our lymphedema therapist will walk you through basic exercises that encourage and improve lymph fluid flow and your Venous Return (VR) — the blood flow returning to your heart.


Self-Care Management and Training – After completing your first session, our certified lymphedema therapists go through basic self-care procedures to ensure you aren’t at risk of developing an infection and show you a set of simple exercises you do on your own, which help lessen your lymphedema and prevent possible future blockages.

While working with you, our licensed and specially trained lymphedema therapists treat you with the compassion and care we would give our own family, doing everything we can to ensure you experience as little discomfort as possible.

We explain each stage as you go through it, and we answer any questions you may have throughout the process. We also check on your progress and see if you require another session  and encourage you to contact us with any concerns or questions you may have.

A Lymphedema Therapy Routine That Works

From the tools and experience we’ve gained throughout our work as occupational therapists; JD The OT Mobile Therapy Services has had considerable success with our 5-step process. We apply the most effective techniques and design a plan that is structured specifically for you. 

As with all our services, our primary goal is your recovery. JD The OT Mobile Therapy Services works hard to do everything we can to ensure you have the best chance of healing, increasing mobility, and reducing pain and discomfort. Our past lymphedema patients have achieved positive results undergoing our complete decongestive therapy process.

If you are suffering from lymphedema, let JD The OT Mobile Therapy Services ease your discomfort. Contact us today to get started:

Looking for more info:

Check out The National Lymphedema Network as an excellent resource for in-depth information about lymphedema, including this condition’s prevention and management. Whether you are a patient, health professional, or simply curious about this condition and what you can do to help, the National Lymphedema Network has the tools to get started.

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